On Air

Whether it’s a classical bank note game, a birthday game or more exotic promotional ideas – EMIRAT is your competent partner for insuring and developing radio promotions professionally.

Popular examples:

The birthday game:

  • a certain birthday date is set by EMIRAT
  • listeners can call and make a guess about the date we’re looking for
  • to win, the right date had to be named (mmddyyyy)
  • the first person to name the right date wins the jackpot (e.g. 100,000€)
  • you may offer second or third prizes if a month or a year is named correctly
  • EMIRAT takes care of the jackpot’s insurance and payout

Pack your case:

  • during your radio programme, you mention a certain number of things to pack for a holiday (e.g. 30 items)
  • listeners may call and count up 6 things they would pack
  • for example if all 6 named things are included in the first list of 30, the listeners wins a luxury holiday to Bali

Guessing games:

Listeners can make guesses about certain events you chose (e.g. sport events, the wheather, political elections,…)

For example

  • what will the final score of a top game during a championship be?
  • how many seconds exactly will it take Usain Bolt to run the 100m race?
  • what’s the fastest time the best driver in Formula 1 will achieve during a race?
  • which party will win an election (guessing exact numbers)?
  • guesses on stock market results

The bank note game:

  • EMIRAT will distribute a certain amount of marked bank notes in your broadcasting area
  • for every turn your broadcaster will recieve the serial number of one of the distributed bank notes
  • the broadcaster will announce that number while on air
  • if a listener has the note with the chosen serial number he wins the jackpot

Wheather promotions:

All promotions or guessing games that are associated with (future) wheather conditions, e.g. a listener may win a winter tyre change paid by you (effectively: EMIRAT) if the average snow height is 5mm higher than usual. Again, this is also only limited by your imagination.

Hot hits:

After naming the Top Ten Hits during the show, listeners may call and guess what the broadcaster’s favorite hit is among the named ones. For a correct guess, the listener wins the jackpot that you chose.

If you have a jackpot winner:
EMIRAT will take care of the entire cross-checking and then payout process if one of your listeners won the game – you don’t have to do anything.

What are the costs of coverage?
Each insurance premium is calculated individually based on mathematical probabilities, your expected number of participants and maybe more individual factors tied to your promotion. However, you will always know the exact sum in advance.